2020 Training Links


Webinar: Budgeting Amidst Scarcity – Doing More With Less In A Virtual Environment (May 18th, 2020)

2-Hr live webinar for organizational decision-makers on how to stretch scarce resources to meet stakeholder expectations. Focuses on leveraging known business strategies and technological tools to achieve set goals with less resources in an increasingly virtual world.



Webinar: How to Embrace, Manage, and Sustain Change in Virtual Organizations

2-Hour live webinar on change acceptance and management for executive leaderships and supervisory managers with remote team members. Focuses on tools and strategies for getting remote workers to embrace change, and for coaching leaderships and supervisors on how to manage and sustain change within their departments and teams.


Webinar: Developing A Cutting Edge Business Plan

2-hr live webinar on how to develop an effective business plan for raising capital for start-ups. It will focus on business name registrations, URLs and websites, linked bank accounts, and a 5-year financial plan for presentation to funding partners.


Webinar: Measuring Productivity in a Virtual World

2-Hour live webinar for executive leaderships and supervisory managers with remote team members. Focuses on tools and strategies for measuring and tracking productivity levels of their remotely-located direct reports and team members.


Webinar: How To Resolve Intra-Organizational and Team Conflict in a Remotely Functioning Setting

2-Hour live webinar for supervisory managers and team members on how to resolve conflict within and outside the ranks. Focuses on intra-organizational, inter-team, and intra-team conflict scenarios, and offers proven thoughts and instruments for ameliorating friction.


Webinar: Managing Projects Optimally Through the Planning, and Tracking Capabilities of PM Software

2-Hr live webinar for team leaders and team members on how to leverage Project Management Software to track and deliver their projects to established leader and client baselines. Introduces project management concepts, Gantt chart, network analyses, and critical paths, focusing on their use to flex during execution and monitoring, and to meet schedule and cost shortfalls.


Webinar: Sustaining Productivity in a Virtual World

2-Hour live webinar for executive leaderships and supervisory managers with remote team members. Focuses on tools and strategies for sustaining and improving approved productivity levels of their remotely-located direct reports and team members.


Webinar: Team Dynamics for High-Performing 21st-Century Organizations

2-Hr live webinar for team leaderships and group members on how to leverage human resources, dependencies, and processes within their hybrid work environments to achieve high task and goal performance. It will focus on the gains derived from diversity, communications, cohesion, emotional intelligence, and team member integration to deliver macro-managed high performances from teams and team members.



Coaching: Project Management Software Training Company-Wide (3 months/6 sessions)

Coaching the optimized use of MS Project, focusing on activity imputation, predecessors, durations, resource allocations, generation of Gantt charts, network analysis, slacks, floats, and critical paths, and the interpretation and use for resource leveling techniques to meet changing schedule and cost baselines. Six 2-hour coaching sessions over a 3-month period is included in this package.


Coaching: Project Management Knowledge, Skills, & Attitudes Training (3 months/12 sessions)

Identifying and leveraging project management process groups: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, controlling, and closure; project management knowledge areas: cost, schedule, scope, quality, communications, risk, procurement, and human resource management plans, as well as definite skills and attitudes such as make or buy decisions, network analysis, critical activities and resource allocation strategies. A maximum of twelve sessions over a 3-month period will be delivered utilizing remote video conferencing methods.


Coaching: Project Management Office Set-Up & Management (3 months/12 sessions)

Getting your organization “projectized” by setting up and maintaining the smooth running of an in-house project management office that will provide daily oversight of all projects, program, cost, schedule, and human resource allocations and reserves. The meetings will occur twelve times in a three-month period, and will be in a hybrid combination: 9 virtual meetings and 3 in-house or video conferencing meetings. The last three meetings will be operational in nature; where KDEL coaches will lead the way in operationalizing the set-up within your main location.


Coaching: Strategic Communications & Conflict Resolution (3 months/6 sessions)

This program has a 3-month duration comprising of 6 virtual meetings; it coaches leaders on how to achieve effective stakeholder interface and smoother professional inter-relationships, as well as practical strategies for resolving conflict between individuals, teams, with vendors, consultants, and clients.


Coaching: Managing Change & Diversity (3 months/6 sessions)

This program focuses on guiding leaders to design, implement, and sustain necessary change while obtaining employee buy-in. It will also coach strategic actions for leaders charged with managing diverse groups of employees. We accomplish these by exploring meaning, types, and advantages of diversity and inclusiveness, coaching team leaders on selecting appropriate techniques for varying situations, and knowing when and how to flex, revealing techniques for leveraging diversity.


Coaching: Team Management & Intrinsic Motivation (6 months/12 sessions)

This program coaches leaders on how to manage their teams optimally, and find innovative, unique ways to motivate them to higher levels of productivity and job satisfaction. Specifically, this program shows how to communicate, give and receive feedback, develop expertise in listening skills and obtaining buy-in, select hybrid team structures that fit the developmental, skill, and diversity levels of team members, motivate by understanding the varying needs of team members, their seasons, and how to leverage these, and coach the balancing of micro-management and macro-management. The benefits of milestones, phase-gates, and continuous process improvement are also linked to team management and appropriate motivation, and the program has a duration of six months with twelve meeting sessions.


Coaching: Managing Scarce Human Resources & Empowerment (3 months/6 sessions)

This program is a 3 month duration, six session program that coaches organizational and team leaders on how to optimize scarce resources by guiding the prioritization and balancing of client, consultant, and industry expectations. It advises on the strategic combination of human resources, technological resources, and client priorities, outlining and operationalizing resource re-allocations, implementing resource leveling stratagems, leveraging network diagrams to re-allocate resources, and prioritizing tasks for optimum efficiency.


Coaching: Project Management Software-Enabled Scheduling & Managing (2 months/8 sessions)

This program is a 2-month duration, 8-session coaching activity that focuses on the executive leadership, and providing them with hands-on knowledge and experience in utilizing the MS Project tool to schedule their portfolios, programs, projects, and the resultant flexing of human, financial, and technological resources to maintain reasonable portfolio balance. It will also give them the foundation to pursue their portfolio and program management certifications.


Coaching: Decline Reversal & Revitalization (6 months/12 sessions)

This program is a six-month duration, twelve-session program that coaches an d guides executives and business owners on how to reverse their economic decline and gain considerable traction in the revitalization process, especially after unforeseen economic uncertainties have occurred. KDEL addresses economic decline by studying your industry front-runners, competitors, pricing, and prevailing good practices, proffering and championing needed change, leveraging differentiation and competitive advantages. KDEL also guides your organization to revitalized economic health by coaching management to initiate agreed-to change, execute and monitor change from within, track progress, and tweak new practices as required during the implementation process. Ultimately, KDEL coaches top management to run with the new tactical and strategic direction.


Coaching: Market Share Maintenance & Growth Enhancement (3 months/6 sessions)

This program focuses on leading executive teams to decisions that will grab hold of considerable market share in their industry, and promote incremental growth moving forward. It is a 3-month duration, six-session program that leverages the following to achieve the stated objectives: promote R&D, leverage project management techniques, manage through scarcity, study the competition and be innovative, motivate intrinsically, diversify and differentiate, and always strive to balance the quadruple constraint.


Coaching: Developing a Cutting-Edge Business Plan (6 Weeks/6 Sessions)

This 6-week duration, 6-session coaching activity works clients through the process for developing an effective business plan aimed towards visibility, productivity, and credibility. It will focus on guiding clients to register their corporate entity, obtain URLs, websites and email addresses, open bank accounts, and develop a 5-year financial plan for presentation to funding partners.


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